You know that clients are the backbone of a successful service-based business, but girl, where are they all hiding?!

You’re mega passionate about the work you do and you know you have something amazing to offer, but the clients just aren’t rolling in like you’d hoped they would.

So you’re sitting down at your desk for yet another 12-hour workday, re-heated cup of coffee in hand, scrolling through Facebook groups on the hunt for potential clients whose DMs you can slippery-slide right into (all while ignoring that little pit in your stomach that's saying this might not be such a great idea).

Not exactly what you had in mind when you started your business, am I right?

Good news, beautiful: This constant search for clients does NOT have to be your reality.

How would it feel to never have to worry about getting new clients again?

To have a seamless and soulful strategy for sharing your services that feels great and has your ideal clients super excited to work with you?

To let your energy do the work of attracting new clients to your business so that you don’t have to hustle your buns off every day?

It might sound too good to be true, but trust me — it’s totally possible!

Introducing: Clients Made Easy 

An 8-week program designed to take you from "barely scraping by" to "booked out with dream clients and feeling faaantastic". 

Inside this course, we'll blend business strategy with manifesting magic to create your new & expansive reality as a fully booked-out business owner.

So you can stop stressing about where your next client and paycheck are gonna come from, and get back to doing what you love!

You’re so ready to start attracting your dream clients, and inside this program, I’ll teach you how to do exactly that — without feeling sleazy, icky, or like you’re about to be suffocated by your neverending to-do list.

Hey gorg, I'm Krista!

I help ambitious biz babes master their mindset and work with energy to manifest their dream clients & start earning the money they deserve.

When I worked as a freelance social media manager, I was able to book out my services with dream clients in only TWO weeks.

And — get this — a year and a half after officially “retiring” from my social media services in 2017, I still get emails all. the. time. from people wanting to work with me.

But that wasn't always the case!

In the beginning, I worked with my fair share of nightmare clients. I also had zero confidence in myself (believe it or not, I charged just 30 DOLLARS for my first ever coaching session). 

Nowadays I charge 10x that amount and on top of that, I'm way less stressed, overwhelmed, and worried about how I'll pay the bills this month.

In Clients Made Easy, I’m sharing my top biz strategies, energy techniques, and manifesting rituals to help you book out your services with ease so you can finally start making the kind of money you’ve been dreaming of!

Join me?

Is this program right for you?

Clients Made Easy is for you if...

✅ You're a coach, consultant, designer, virtual assistant, photographer, or another type of service provider.

✅ You’re sick and tired of potential clients ghosting you or saying that they can’t “afford” your services (UGH) and “would you be willing to lower your prices just a bit?”

✅ Your services may or may not be provided online – AKA it’s totally cool if you offer your services in person — but you do have some sort of online presence (for example, a website and social media accounts).

✅ You love manifesting — or, at the very least, you’re open to learning how your energy and money mindset impacts your business and how you can use those things to your advantage

Here's everything you'll receive access to as a student in Clients Made Easy:

  • 6 Core Training Modules

    Course modules include videos, downloadable slide decks, meditations, and more, all uploaded to your private course portal. New modules go live every Monday morning at 10 am Pacific.

  • Two Live Q&A Calls

    These 60-minute calls will take place on October 2nd and October 30th at 4 pm Pacific in our private Facebook group, and are your chance to ask questions and get extra support from me.

  • Workbooks & Templates

    These additional resources are sprinkled throughout the modules to support your learning experience and help you implement the strategies you're learning.

  • Private Facebook Group

    A new group of biz besties awaits you inside our private Facebook community, where you’ll connect with like-minded, high-vibe biz babes who just GET IT.

  • Graduation Party

    At the end of the program, we'll have a live, virtual party to celebrate your graduation. I’ll bring the games, you bring the bubbly! 🥂

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can revisit the lessons, videos, and downloads inside the course portal anytime you like.

The Program Curriculum

Here’s how the 8-week course shakes out...

💎 Week 1. Magnetize Your Dream Clients

This module is all about identifying and energetically connecting with your dream clients so that you can attract the right people to your business with ease. 

This week’s material includes:

  • A beautiful guided meditation to magnetize your dream clients 

  • My top technique for clearing and creating energetic space for new clients to manifest

  • How to implement a graceful and seamless client onboarding system

By the end of Week 1, you will have...

✔ Clarified and connected with your dream client

✔ Created a smooth and efficient onboarding process

✔ Put together a beautiful welcome packet for all the new clients that are on their way to you

❤️ Week 2. The Heart of Your Offer

In this module, you’ll create (or revamp) your service packages to make them irresistible to potential clients. You'll also up-level your pricing, become an energetic match for the money you deserve, and makeover your services page so it perfectly reflects your skills, knowledge, and offerings. 


This week’s training includes:

  • How to identify your dream client's story arch and use it to create gotta-have-it packages

  • My intuitive method for pricing your services in a way that's mega-aligned and allows you to serve your clients wholeheartedly

  • Copy tricks and hacks to help you effortlessly sell your services on your Work With Me page

By the end of this week, you will have…

✔ Created packages that are completely irresistible to your dream clients

✔ Settled on a pricing structure that feels fantastic and benefits you and your clients

✔ Put together a services page that has people saying, “Take my money!” — even for your most premium packages


👑 Week 3. Soulful Sales Strategy 

In this module, you’ll learn feel-good, easily implementable sales and marketing strategies that will attract tons of new clients to your business without feeling sales-y or pushy or taking up too much of your time. 


This week’s material includes:

  • How to turn “fans” and “supporters” into actual paying customers

  • The #1 question you need to ask yourself before starting your workday

  • How to create a Soulful Marketing Plan so you know exactly where to focus your efforts for maximum impact

  • The power of sales funnels to promote your services on autopilot — and how to create one without feeling weird and icky about selling


By the end of this week, you will have…

✔️ Created an effective Marketing Plan that gets you big results, quickly

✔️ Set up a sales funnel that attracts the right people to your services and perfectly positions them as the solution to their problems.

🖥 Week 4. Support & Implementation Week #1

There will be no new training material this week; instead, you’ll use these seven days to complete any coursework you haven’t finished up to this point. You’ll also participate in a 5-day challenge centered around soulfully promoting your services, and we'll have a live Q&A call where you'll ask me your questions and get any extra support you need.

This Q&A call will take place on Tuesday, October 2nd at 4 pm Pacific in our Facebook group.

💭 Week 5. Beliefs & Boundaries

This week is about building unshakeable confidence in yourself and your offerings, overcoming the fears and negative beliefs that are holding you back, and learning how to effectively and energetically manage your business and clients with ease.


This module includes:

  • A breakdown of 5 of the most common fears entrepreneurs have and how to crush them

  • Kicking your scarcity mindset to the curb so you can step into your new, expansive and abundant reality

  • A simple process to politely turn down a potential client who isn’t a good fit — without burning any bridges

  • Journal prompts to flesh out your perfect client interaction, step by step, so you can write it into reality

  • The 3 crucial types of boundaries you need to set in order to cultivate a successful business and a happy life


By the end of this week, you will have…

✔️ Identified the fears and limiting beliefs that are slowing your growth (and ditched them for good!)

✔️ Created a simple but powerful document that will give you an instant boost of confidence whenever you need it

✔️ Set beautiful boundaries to support your energy, work, and life

✔️ Implemented a solid rinse and repeat system for taking potential clients from “interested” to “booked” in the shortest amount of time possible

💰 Week 6. Master Your Money Mindset

This module is a deep-dive into the beliefs, hang-ups, blocks, and negative stories you have about money. By busting through those beliefs, you'll be able to create a more abundant future and a more wealthy business.


This module includes…

  • A dynamic exercise to release old hurts and clear space for beautiful new things to manifest

  • Positive affirmations that actually work to reprogram your mind for money and success

  • A simple technique you can use to let the universe know exactly how much money you want to earn and the kind of lifestyle you want to live

  • A journaling exercise to visualize and embody your fully booked out self — so that you can manifest her!


By the end of this week, you will have…

✔️ Used gorgeous affirmations to support your wealth and abundance and anchored the affirmations into your daily routines

✔️ Given your money a clear purpose to speed up and amplify its manifestation

✔️ Identified and overcome limiting beliefs that have created an income cap in your business (so you can blow past it!)

✔️ Done deep energetic cleansing to open yourself up to a wave of new clients and abundance

📈 Week 7. Effortless Expansion

This module has two goals:

1. Increasing your clientele from a handful of clients to fully booked up

2. Adding additional revenue streams to your business to support and enhance your service-based income, so you can earn more money without depleting your energy by having to work with a million clients at once


This module includes:

  • Tips to anticipate your clients’ needs and WOW them with your services

  • Strategies to book clients for your premium or VIP packages (the ones with the highest price tag!) and how to reduce your potential clients’ anxiety about the investment

  • My step-by-step process for securing glowing testimonials using my signature Client Questionnaire — and where to share those testimonials for the biggest impact

  • How to build out a referral program for your services to generate tons of word-of-mouth advertising (the best kind!)

  • Creating additional revenue streams, like ebooks, courses, and templates, to cushion your income and allow you to take a "holiday" from your client work whenever you need to


By the end of this week, you will have…

✔️Secured brilliant testimonials and incorporated them in all the right places

✔️ Planned out an additional, non-service-based offering (ebook, course, workbook, etc.) that you’ll create in the next four weeks

✔️ Set up a referral or “affiliate” program for your services

🖥 Week 8. Support & Implementation Week #2

This is our second and final support and implementation week in the program. This week is your chance to play catch-up, revisit the material that you want to dive into deeper, and complete the remainder of your coursework.

This week's Q&A Call will take place on Tuesday, October 30th at 4 pm Pacific in our Facebook group.


The Time Management Masterclass

When you join this round of Clients Made Easy, you’ll also receive access to a bonus Time Management Masterclass.

In this 30-minute masterclass, you’ll learn how to balance:

  • Getting work done for your paid-up clients

  • Quoting and replying to potential clients

  • Doing everything else that goes into running a business. Because, *ahem*, it’s a lot!

No more wondering how on earth you're going to get everything done (without working 16-hour days or losing your sanity). In this masterclass, I’m spilling all my secrets, systems, and strategies for maximizing your productivity and gettin' shizz done.

This bonus masterclass is already uploaded and waiting for you inside the course platform!

Okay girl, I'm in! What's it gonna cost me?

Clients Made Easy is a rinse & repeat system you can use to attract new clients to your business anytime you need them. And the best part is that all the steps in this program will feel so good that you won’t feel like you’re “selling” anything at all (can I get an amen!?).   

The total value of this program is $2,250, but…  

You can secure your spot today for just one payment of $97 (followed by five more monthly payments of $97), or — BEST VALUE — one-time payment of $555.

Enrollment is currently closed.

The next class of Clients Made Easy will run in Spring 2019. Put your name on the waitlist below to make sure you're first to hear when it re-opens!

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What they're saying..

Amanda - Pinterest Manager

"I met both my goals ONE MONTH in advance!"

Amanda - Pinterest Manager

“I followed Krista's post about manifesting clients with the Chalkboard method and it was AMAZING! I wanted to manifest 5 new clients and make a certain amount of money in freelance writing in Quarter 2, and I've already met both of those goals one month in advance. I was skeptical about manifestation at first and didn't really understand how it worked, but Krista makes it so crystal clear and her success stories are super inspiring.”
Alysha - Graphic Designer

"I booked out my retainer packages with my dream clients"

Alysha - Graphic Designer

“Within just a few weeks of implementing Krista’s client manifestation strategies, I booked out my retainer packages with clients I’ve dreamed of working with since I first started my business, and tripled my income from design services. If you want to attract and serve your dream clients, I 100% recommend that you follow Krista’s systems and processes – they seriously work like magic!"
Elley - Social Media Manager + Brand Photographer

"I wouldn't have been able to quit my day job to pursue my passion without Krista by my side!"

Elley - Social Media Manager + Brand Photographer

"Before working with Krista, I had no idea what manifestation was or how incredible my life could be with it. After implementing the strategies Krista has given me to grow my business using the Law of Attraction & strategies that *actually* work, I've attracted my DREAM CLIENTS & wake up every day smiling. Plus, I wouldn't have been able to quit my day job to pursue my passion without her - what more could a girl ask for!
Sheila - Blogging Coach

"Krista is more than just a wealth of knowledge—she is truly an amazing person and friend!"

Sheila - Blogging Coach

"Krista is the only mentor & guide that can really explain manifesting to me in a way that clicks, and also provide examples and exercises that are perfectly aligned with my goals and learning style. I’ve been feeling kind of stuck with my manifesting game lately, but I know it’s going to improve now that I have her to look to for advice. Krista is more than just a wealth of knowledge—she is truly an amazing person and friend!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of service providers is this program designed for?

    This program will be perfect for any service provider who has an online presence (because we’ll be using online strategies to promote your services, like sales funnels, social media, etc.). Some of the service providers who will benefit from this program are coaches, social media managers, VAs, freelance writers, graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, photographers, and more.

  • I’m new and I haven’t worked with my first client yet. Will this program be right for me?

    Absolutely! If you want to start off strong and make great money right from the get-go, this program will be perfect for you. This course will help you book your dream clients from day one — and avoid those “nightmare clients” you’ve heard so much about!

  • I’ve been offering services for a while now, but I still struggle to steadily book clients and make consistent income. Will I benefit from this program?

    Yes. If you’ve already settled on your packages and pricing but you’re still struggling to book clients consistently, there’s likely a disconnect between: 1) Your offerings and how you’re positioning and promoting them, and 2) What your dream clients are looking for. We'll fix that in this program!

  • What if I don't complete the course material during the 8-week program?

    No worries, babe. When you sign up, you lock in lifetime access to the course material. All of the lessons, videos, and downloads will remain in your course portal indefinitely, and you can work through them and come back to them any time you like.

  • Will I get access to all of the modules as soon as I sign up?

    The course content will be released over an 8-week period, with the first module being released on September 10th. New modules are uploaded every Monday morning after that at 10 am Pacific. Once all of the course content is uploaded, you'll have access to it for life.

  • How much time will I need to set aside each week to consume and implement the material?

    You’ll need roughly one hour per week to watch and consume the video lessons. The amount of time needed to implement what you learn will vary, depending on how far along your business is, what needs to be tweaked and improved, and the nature of that week’s content. We'll also have two “Implementation Weeks” throughout the program (Weeks 4 and 8), where your entire focus for the week is to put what you’ve learned into action.

  • How is this course different from others on the market?

    You may have come across courses centered around helping you attract more clients and grow your service-based business, and you may have come across courses about working with energy and manifestation. But have you ever seen a course that combines BOTH of those things? Business strategy AND manifestation? In those other courses, you're only getting one piece of the puzzle! Clients Made Easy will give you *everything* you need to succeed.

Have a question not covered here? Reach out to me and my team at and we’ll get back to you with the answer ASAP!

Is your intuition tingling right now!?

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What would one new client mean for you?

How would it boost your income, your confidence, and your business?

How about 5 new clients? 10 clients?

All of this is totally possible for you, babe. You deserve a business that lights you up and supports your biggest dreams!

But you can't get there alone.

I'm dedicated to spending these next 8 weeks helping you master your services, mindset, and strategy — so that you can start earning the kind of beautiful money you deserve.

Let's make 2018 the year you blow your goals out of the water. Take my hand and let's DO THIS, gorgeous.

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